My routine, advice for me and additional questions for you.

    Hello to all forum users, I have been enlarging my cock for over 5 years with longer breaks, I started as a teenager. At the beginning, I was doing handmade exercises, mainly jelq, which made me grow a few centimeters. In 2020, I bought a pump that I have in the picture, I pump for about 20-25...
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    Asian Jelqing Success

    Hello everyone, I've been a huge fan of this community although I'm new here, I was wondering if there are any asians here who used to have small dicks and now have bigger dicks by jelqing or other routines? As an asian myself, specifically filipino we're not really gifted down there, mine is...
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    What Is Your Jelqing Technique/routine?

    I'm new to this and would like to know what other peoples jelqing techniques/routines are, the results they have got, and how long they have been doing that technique/routine. My goal is to gain some girth. Im ok with my length but if that grows I will not be mad. Haha.
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    Looking for a skype pe buddy

    Looking for a PE buddy to chat with in Skype, maybe share jelqing techniques and progress and hold each other accountable. mushroomhead7in on skype