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  1. S

    Why do you think more men are turning to sex work?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been noticing a rise in male sex workers and I’m curious to get this community’s thoughts on it. Basically: 1) men are increasingly voluntarily turning to sex work (only fans but also escort businesses) as a side job or even something more full time. Why do you think this is...
  2. M

    What Jobs Do You See Most Nudity?

    Hey LPSGers, Just want to know, what non-sexual jobs have you been in where you seen lots of male nudity, guys cocks by chance… etc. Im assuming as a public pool cleaner, you would see guys naked around you. Maybe a masseuse??? Let’s discuss and share!!!
  3. DyneSlave4Master

    Looking For Job / Check The Post <

    Hello. as we can see the site is for reviewing ''toys'' but I have to ask something a little different. I'm ready to travel anywhere to begin a new life somewhere out of my country. But, I'd love to get advice or help for finding job first so I can get sure for myself that it will be not...
  4. 5

    Nightmare Jobs

    I searched and didnt find a similar post to this but wanted to post this individually from the other posts in this particular part of the forums. So we have all had nightmare jobs, nightmarish interviews, and had to go through a lot of hoops to get a job what are some of your horror stories...