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  1. Q

    Lad Exposed

    Add him on kik; brown14892 He want to expose himself. Like if you add him.
  2. L

    Links Who Is This Tattooed Hunk?

    For some reason I can't post the video, but check out this insanely hot guy with over 1M views! I checked all 494 comments and nobody knows who he is! Can you? https://www.tiktok.com/@amiryassofficial/video/6842845449771175174
  3. Sweatpants911

    1st cockring, perfect fit armour up sport

    Ordered my first cockring by Perfect Fit, it’s called Armour Up Sport. Can’t wait to get it! So horny thinking about what it’s going to feel like, how it’s going to look when I freeball in joggers or jeans. Anyone have any experience with this type? I’ll post pictures once it arrives. Post yours...