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  1. user_using_yow_pussii

    John Pruitt (aka) Jim Yount - Colt Studio Model

    I just found him for the first time, and what a stunner (then and now); he definitely aged like a fine wine. There's no thread about this colt legend yet, so here you go. Here are my fav pics of him. Gonna post more.
  2. D


    Hey Guys! https://instagram.com/shredded_brothers28?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= This two guy have an Instagram profile. Where they tell that they are John ( who is in white) and Matt (who is in grey). They are from Czech Republic and they are brothers and Matt is 21 years old, his dick 18 cm and John...
  3. n0kiaX


    i think he’s so cute, he deserves a bit more recognition lmao!! also his vids r hilarious and hot!
  4. J

    Photo John Sosa (sjfitness__)

  5. C

    Patrick John Flueger

    I don't know if you people know him, he plays Adam Ruzek in ChicagoPD and he is one of the guys I would love to ride. So anything on him? Spill it! ;)
  6. ryanoh

    Photo John Rolper27

    There are a few of his old videos for pay floating around, but I was wondering if anyone had vids of him more recently??
  7. F

    John lundvik - swedish artist

    So, John Lundvik just went and won the Swedish trials for Eurovision last night. He seem so happy, so joyful and energetic. Not to mention he has nice arms and a past as competing in short-distance sprint! He is a family father though so might not be a lot of naughty stuff available =/...
  8. 1

    Arse out on its own, squatting..

    I like doing this... A lot.