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  1. Surtsey

    For lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food.

    Thread for lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food. :emoji_eggplant::emoji_banana::emoji_peach::emoji_strawberry::emoji_wine_glass::emoji_shallow_pan_of_food::emoji_pizza::emoji_doughnut::emoji_champagne::emoji_champagne_glass::emoji_hotdog::emoji_icecream::emoji_ice_cream::emoji_popcorn: You...
  2. CumDumpster25

    What's your favorite part of a small penis?

    Humiliating and humorous answers only of course :joy:
  3. Hammy_1976

    Cock Joke

    I tried to change my password to penis...but Google said it was too short
  4. L

    Gay Doctor Joke

    A man goes off to have a routine prostate exam done. An hour later, he returns home, looking mildly upset. His wife takes notice, and asks him what's wrong. The man takes a disappointed breath, and replies. "I have good news and bad news." his wife looks concerned. "What's the good news?" "Good...
  5. 9

    Man Vs Food

    Supposing hunger wasn't a thing