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  1. Brazillian niceboy

    Is it normal for me to prefer online interactions with guys for intimate activities and not want to have in-person encounters?

    hey, im brazilian and im 21 yo...ever since my teenage years, I've had a penchant for sharing photos and exposing myself to other guys on the internet. The desire has always burned intensely within me. I relish video calls, photo exchanges, fulfilling requests, and fully immersing myself in...
  2. D

    Groupe Kik Francophone De Mecs Tbm

    Si vous êtes des mecs francophones bm ou tbm et que vous aimez montrer votre grosse teub, rejoignez mon groupe sur kik #gaygrossebite... Venez nombreux et bien équipé! Verification obligatoire
  3. F

    Open Minded Girl For Hot Guys On Kik

    hi guys im nora and i love to chat with nice and hot guys on kik. Lets have a sexy time Add me: tattednoranora