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  1. NicHalliwell

    Kiss a Friend

    Have you ever kissed a friend of yours (of your same sex)? How was it?
  2. J

    Gay Snowballing Videos?

    I feel like there aren’t enough hot videos of men snowballing! Do you know of/have any good ones to share?
  3. K

    Photo Scenes with two guys kissing while dp a woman

    It is extremely hard to find scenes with two guys kissing while they are both inside a woman. I only found one video and if anyone came across such videos please share. :)
  4. fakboi

    Photos & Videos Cum kissing

    I thought lpsg had to have a cum kiss or cum swap thread but there was none so here is this one. Let's put together all the gifs and videos, even links, of cum swapping we know!
  5. M

    Photos & Videos Straight Men Kissing.

    Str8 men kissing for experiment, work, and fun. Professional actors and amateur. Pics and Gifs as well.
  6. B

    Kissing Fetish

    Anyone here loves watching hot kiss? If they doing french kisses, I feel like I can cum just by watching those guys keep kissing and lips/face/neck licking each other. Dont know why but feel so fucking hot when they kiss like de
  7. A

    Male Dirty Kissing

    I'd like you to share your videos of men kissing full of cum or piss on their mouth. It's a huuuge turn on for me!!! Example one Example two Example three
  8. G

    Musical Instruments

    Any crazy experiences? Whether with an instrument or another person? For example, I was in the band in high school. I’m gay but was not out. I was attracted to this guy who was straight. He played the tuba. For those who don’t know, a tuba mouthpiece is fairly large and covers most of the...
  9. D

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of This Movie?

    Does anyone know the name of these actors, or where can I get this video?
  10. 1

    Video Two Guys Kiss And Jerk Off Together

    I posted two videos to my albums. There are of a jerkbud and I several years ago as we mess around. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/authors/alexjonathon.1366577/videos
  11. W

    Passionate porn

    Passionate, love-making type of videos like this one are my favorites. Anyone have any favorite videos with a lot of passionate kissing? Alex Mecum is definitely one of my fave actors, who are some other actors known for being passionate tops?
  12. D

    Everyone turns gay

    Hey Guys, some years ago I watched an episode of a series (on comedy central or MTV I guess) where suddenly everyone, every boy has become gay and started flirting and kissing with each other. I wonder what series it was. I would really appreciate your response.