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last during sex

  1. F

    How Long Do You Last During Anal Sex?

    I mostly last about few minutes, sometimes only 1-2 minutes, but one time I lasted 40 minutes. What about you?
  2. E

    Lasting longer

    I’ve been pumping about 3-4 months now and am very happy with my progress so far !! My gf even notices my dick is bigger when we have sex which is awesome!!( I haven’t told her I’ve been pumping)....anyways I still don’t last as long as I want! Like I have to be on Kratom or pain killers for sex...
  3. S

    How long will you last during sex with your partner?

    Just curious about how long can you last during sex with your partner. If less than 5 minutes, does your partner complain about you? If less than 10 minutes, how does she fell? If less than 20 minutes, Could she reach orgasm? If more than 30 minutes, Will your partner get the pleasure fully...