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    Guys, check out Lance's unique NYC apt!

    Have you ever seen this before? A tour of New York cutie Lance's apartment here:
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    The Gay Republican Wedding (part 4) By Moisés Ravelo

    The Wedding Max in preparation for what was about to unfold, replaced the traditional wedding march with Billy Idols song, ‘White Wedding’. Then asked his wedding coordinator to lose the baby pictures set to ooh. and ahh. guests and shown above the altar on the overhead projector and replaced...
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    The Gay Republican Wedding (part 3) By Moisés Ravelo

    Cold Feet Max could not help but wonder what would happen if he were making a mistake. What if the marriage failed? Seeing that he was still deeply concerned and choosing to support Max instead of acting on her secret desire to save him from this huge mistake. Donna Tramp came up with a grand...