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  1. J

    My Comment About John Holmes' Actual Dick Size Got Deleted From This Video

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, apologies if it's not, but folks I left a comment on this video: because in the video, they claim that John Holmes was 13-14 inches. So I replied to that saying some shit like "Unless the girls he did porn with had hands that dwarved NBA...
  2. David Lucaya

    Why the lies?

    So I've been reading alot of the forums where guys are claiming to be 8.5 - 12 inches when it's quite apparent that they are not measuring up to that. Also the abundance of photoshopped/stolen pictures on here is quite ridiculous! I get that men feel the need to be the biggest and best but I...
  3. Fuzzy_

    Why does trump lie so much?

    Trump shattered his dishonesty record making 103 false claims last week -- 15 per day. Trump was averaging 101 false claims per month, but just did 103 in a single week. His previous record for a week was 60. Trump is now at 1,829 false claims during his presidency. His average is 3.5 lies...