1. DyneSlave4Master

    Looking For Job / Check The Post <

    Hello. as we can see the site is for reviewing ''toys'' but I have to ask something a little different. I'm ready to travel anywhere to begin a new life somewhere out of my country. But, I'd love to get advice or help for finding job first so I can get sure for myself that it will be not...
  2. F

    Marriage - Still Relevant?

    With rates of cheating and divorce, you wonder if marriage is s valid today compared to centuries ago. When we were in medieval times and only lived to 25, things were different. Then a few decades ago marriages were husband-centric and the man sort of 'ran' things, and whatever he 'wanted', he...
  3. D

    What's been going on with my sex drive?!

    It all started when I decided to stop masturbating for two weeks to bring my sex drive down a bit because at the time it was VERY high and it was starting to intefere with my life a bit. This was little over a year ago and it was also when I started hooking up. But I had been suffering from high...