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  1. Growth

    New training

    I don’t have a lot of words today, but I’m enjoying building out some new training for Pet. After several long talks we agreed that we both wanted to go further down this LS pathway and I couldn’t be happier.
  2. A

    Need Help With Homophobic Parents, Please Read

    (DISCLAIMER I am a guy "akexandra" is just a username I use for privacy) Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to my story... All my life I was my parents golden boy, but we started to have a difficult relationship when I came out around the age of 18, they are very religious(catholic)...
  3. F


    Timothy James (@60day6pack) • Instagram photos and videos This guy is hot!
  4. NautiRogue

    Visiting Southwest Michigan This Summer

    We have a boat on Lake Michigan and we spend almost every other weekend on her during the season. Most of the time it will be both of us, but once in a while (like this coming Easter weekend) it'll just be me. We enjoy afternoon cruises to a beach in the new Indiana Dunes National Park to wade...
  5. NautiRogue

    Bi at hedonism ii

    My wife and I are both bi. We've been to Hedo 3 times together. She's gotten some FF play, but I've never had any MM interaction at Hedo. Who else has been to Hedo? Post your dates of stay for when you'll be there!