lift and carry

  1. H

    Cade Maddox Stand and Carry

    Has Cade Maddox done Stand and Carry position with anyone? Or else Suspended Congress position? Cade Maddox looks so strong and ripped. Wanna see Cade Maddox lift some guys and fuck them hard. Cade if you see this message, please lift and carry some guys and fuck them hard like how Rhyheim...
  2. B

    Looking for muscle domination UK

    Hi there I'm really onto being dominated by guys bigger and stronger than me. Wanna be pushed about, dominated, and owned . Also really love lift and carry, body comparisons etc. uk guys HMU
  3. Schizoguybaliw

    Photos & Videos Carryfucking men

    I'm quite baffled why there's no specific thread on this here. This may come in several variations - you may refer to the following for some examples: Suspended congress Cannonball Afternoon delight Bully I'm gonna start with this Thai slut being used in the air No pulling out while...
  4. Dubhorn

    Naked Lift And Carry

    Anyone knows where to find videos of naked guy-on-guy lift and carry? Anything from shoulder lift, piggyback riding, pony riding etc. Seems like no chance of getting the real stuff so porn will have to do lol
  5. C

    Tall amazonian women dominating short thin guys and/or small petite women (height play)

    so women typically 5'9 and taller dominating (not simply being fucked or fucking/pegging) a small teen, guy or girl who is typically 5'4 and shorter and emphasizing the height difference with positions or lifting them up etc. Kiley Jay, Phoenix...