1. C

    Looking for like minded guys

    I’m looking for guys any age who like to wear and get off with their GFs/wife’s panties or panties in general. I’m shaved/trimmed uncut average cock with a GF slim average build 30yr old *I don’t show face live:.cid.291852ce4ece43fa
  2. H

    Photo Please ID this Model from H.O.M Underwear

    Does anyone have anything bout him please?? I think he's hot af! Thanks
  3. Samer_bo

    Photo RRNeo

    Anyone has more information about this guy? RRneo
  4. Going to pop out any second ;)

    Going to pop out any second ;)

  5. Give them a squeeze!

    Give them a squeeze!

    Wearing a gift from my Amazon wishlist
  6. C

    Turning Chase into a Jock Slut (Erotic Fiction) Part 3

    Parts 1 & 2 Chapter 3 Chase had his face buried deep in a forest of dense black pubes. He was on his hands and knees hungrily sucking on a thick penis when he felt the collar around his neck constrict as the man fucking him from behind yanked his leash. “Good little boy bitch can’t get enough...
  7. LuvGayBubblebutt

    Love A Hot Bubble Ass

    Love A Hot Bubble Ass
  8. heavy breasts

    heavy breasts

  9. White lingerie

    White lingerie

  10. G

    @dlss2023 - new twitter

    Hi all, just started my own alt twitter showcasing my love for underwear and my fantasies. Hope you like ;)
  11. Hyyacinto

    Crochet thongs and cock socks

    Does anybody know how to crochet some steamy cock socks or thongs ? They are a super turn on... Something like these.....
  12. thick_meat69


    How do I look ? Feeling sexy as fuck Would like help on being more fem and crossdressing
  13. N

    Wetting in clothes and/ or underwear/lingerie

    Hi. Is anyone else into wetting or desperation. I'm into both and do it reguarly. I'd love to chat about it
  14. T

    Guys in Crotchless Briefs

    Share any pics you've come across of guys wearing crotchless underwear—that is, with their cocks fully exposed. For example, please see the 3 attached photos. P.S. Full-body pics are preferred, but honestly whatever you have found works.
  15. A

    Photo Guys and gals in lingerie ;)

    Let's show our lingerie selves off! I'll go first, starting with the classic red. One of my favourite sets even if I think the panties are small for me.
  16. she has a big willy that is for sure

    she has a big willy that is for sure

  17. H

    Photos & Videos Hot Brazilian Babes

    Hey everyone, since my previous thread I've created, which gather all nude Brazilian babes, it's been very hard to find new pics too. So, I decide to create another thread gathering more Brazilian babes, but this time, with no nudes here, OK? There's a specific thread for that, so, any nude...
  18. KinkyAznBoy

    27 Canadian Asian - Not exactly new here but always looking to connect with more people :)

    As the title says! Feel free to have a gander at my profile and pics ;D
  19. KinkyAznBoy

    Late Night Walk In Toronto?

    Love to go out for late night walks with a little extra fun ;) Sometimes I wear lingerie and other times I end up stripping naked at a park or somewhere. I've done this many times with only a handful of previously arranged encounters during my walks and can't get over the feeling of a pair of...
  20. D

    Me, Myself And I

    Hey guys. Going to start a thread. Would love to read some comments. Enjoy the photos
  21. 9

    Photos & Videos Here To Show Off And Make Friends

    Sharing some of my stuff <3
  22. Arabella19x

    Sw Sales

    Sw sales humiliation, photos, videos, chats and used items
  23. MissterBennett

    Who’s This?

    Does anyone know who this is?
  24. shephusky

    One Knight Stand

    Bruce Knight was a 22 year old college student ready to graduate. He was a woman’s dream, tall (6’4”) dark (Hispanic mom, Italian father) and handsome. He had a cut rugged jaw, people say he looks like a superhero. But being close to the end of school, he didn’t have much money. His car just...
  25. C

    Cd sub wants to please

    non smooth cd sub looking to dress up and please
  26. H

    "gruffpup" name of the male underwear model??

    There's a underwear site and model is called "Blaine": What's his full name? Anyone knows dat? THX! Heres a example ;) WildmanT Raw Sport Stripe Jock - Yellow
  27. Lingerie5


  28. Lingerie4


  29. Lingerie3


  30. Lingerie2