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  1. S

    Long distance relationship/LDR

    Hey guys! I haven’t seen any similar threads but is anyone interested or looking to try a long distance relationship? This might be odd to some, but I’m willing to try and see if things go well. I’m 25, Asian, 5’10, and closeted bi. I’m cool with anyone as long as we vibe. Send me a message if...
  2. thebussyinvader

    USA 26 male

    I'm looking to sext men my age & possibly for phone sex or verbal. Kik: tightfornoreason Twitter: oldtimemovies Email & text are also great to use if you don't have Kik or Twitter. I don't use Instagram and Snapchat - sorry.
  3. 1

    Breathwork for long distance cumshots.

    Here’s a technique I discovered years ago that helps me pump my ejaculate further distance: When you’re about to cum, suck a lot of air in and keep holding it in as you’re cumming. Anyone else tried this? Here’s what I mean: