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long haired

  1. Danter11

    Vince Amstrong

  2. 5

    Do You Know This Man?

    Who is this?
  3. S


    Who knows ChimeraStud?? I don't see any thread about this hottie. Does anyone knows someone who has a similar body and cock like him? :)
  4. S

    Wajid Hussain Qureshi

  5. giocio

    Gianni reyes

    Anything on this beautiful guy?
  6. giocio

    Tarzan-like guys

    I wanted to start a thread on my obsession, Tarzan-like guys. Long Hair either straight or curly. Sun kissed skin or other Tight bodies, especially their waists. Some examples Jdarwish_ Benjamin Ahlblad @fitbeny Cameron McElroy Spread the love everyone :p
  7. B

    Photo Bearded guy - marina and the diamonds???

    The only sin the gays committed was not to discover that man's name yet Who's he?? I need to know to live in peace