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    looking for men with similar body type/physique

    looking for onlyfans creators or pornstars who have a similar physique to the guy in the pictures, really nice defined muscles and stuff (don’t know exactly how to describe it)
  2. D

    Looking for a twitter account

    Hey, guys I'm looking for a twitter account, I don't have medias from that, but I do remember he was a guy from southern asia(I think he was thai) and he made some videos masturbating in thin shorts, like sport shorts, I'm searching for him simce the last time I saw his account, so If you guys...
  3. K

    I'm New Here, Talk To Me?

    I'm new to this site. I'm 22 from The Philippines. I'm a cute-nerdy boy. Lookin for some quarantine flings, love, conversations. I'm a B and I love me a good daddy Slide into my DMs on Instagram: _97meadow talk to me
  4. H

    Looking For A Trans/cross Girl Named Sam

    hello just wondering if i could get some traction on someone im searching for content of any kind. if you know the youtube,twitter,chaturbate,Instagram,facebooks, or anything like that. post it here, she is a drag queen from last i saw of her. her name was sam. not sure if a nickname,new name...
  5. O

    Looking For A Porn Video I Lost :(

    Hello !! LPSG members, I need help to find a video I just lost, unfortunately I only can describe the video 'cause don't have an Image or gif or anything... The video is about a woman wearing a stripe black/white bikini (she's thic, all natural, I'll would say medium breast size, I thinks her...