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  1. R

    Help me out !

    Does anyone have this guy's videos? He used to be on chaturbate , his usernames were : chuddybuddyindia / droolingbabyboy / iamkiiity (the latest one) Can anyone get iamkiiity videos? Here are some of his photos. If you got some.. please DM .. can get anything in exchange for you!
  2. maxxyboy

    Who Is This??

    I remember finding this dude on a Twitter account that posts porn clips, but they couldn’t tell who it was either. I’ve been dying to find out who he is. Can anyone help ID him?
  3. S

    I'm Having A Lot Of Fun With 3dxchat

    There really isn't much information on the web about this adult game but after a bit of a rough setup I'm having a lot of fun. The graphics are very good, it integrates with lovense adult toys, and it supports VR (haven't tried VR yet). I'm kind of geek but I see this type of game as only...
  4. P

    Can Anyone Id Him Or Know Who He Is?

  5. T

    Sub Married Tiny Cock Piggy For Orders

    Hi, I am a piggy slave married with a tiny cock, i like to be ordered on cam to do humiliating, degrading things. I like cum and pee denial, cbt, getting real dirty/filthy. I have wifes dirty panties to as u please and also a vibrator you can control over the internet. I like sph and like to...
  6. H

    Big Dick And Slim/muscular Bro Wanted

    I need someone to control my Vibrator while I’m out in public, with my roommate, alone, at dinner, the gym, etc. I want to snap you while it’s happening and you send me videos back of how hard it makes you and of you jerking off wherever you are and cumming . I’d love for someone to make me...
  7. Mark11189

    Lovense App Play

    Anyone wanna play with some toys over on Lovense. Cam I love. 155 fit trimmd 8 cut. Angle999 over there. Let's get a thread of usernames going.
  8. Mark11189

    Lovense Usernames & Jerk Group

    Hey dudes. Looking to connect all of use Lovense Users and maybe get some groups or play buds. Have a Max and Edge here (Hush is on the way haha). Angle999 on Lovense here.
  9. 3

    19th And 20th Bitch To Be Used. Please Sir

    i'm gonna do a hotel session on 19th and 20th. ordered a collar, cage, dildo and lovesene vibrating butt plug that you can control. will you be free then too? love verbal/ being ordered around slots are open for long term doms mmmmm mygaybrownass@outlook.com is my skyp xxx lovense remote app...