lucas entertainment

  1. I


    ADRIANO CARRASCO is from Lucas Entertainment. Godly body and huge dick. Does anyone know what he is doing today? Does he have any social media or an onlyfans? What is his real name?
  2. C

    Alle Marin

    Alle Marin, a colombian guy just made a debut with Lucas entertainment I guess. I find him so cute and hot. He looks so yummy!!!
  3. F

    Photos & Videos Bruno Galvez

    Vi a este hombre en la marcha gay y la verdad me encantó. Quiero ver más
  4. N

    Lucasmen Butts

    Is it me, or do most of the Lucas Entertainment guys have ass implants? I never really noticed them much in gay porn before, but in Lucas videos they all seem to have them... Adam Killian Ruslan Angelo Andrea Suarez J Anders Rafael Alencar....
  5. A

    Andrey Vic Justforfans

    Does anyone have any Andrey Vic JustForFans videos? I’ve seen all his Lucas Entertainment videos but only the officially produced ones. However, I did find one with him in a hot tub with other LucasMen. Link: OnlyFans - Michael Lucas - 5 Dicks in the Jacuzzi, Part 2 (Manuel Skye, Ken Summers...
  6. BoxerBoy93

    Photo (request) Shay Michaels For Lucas Entertainment

    Hi! I'm looking for this full Shay Michaels session for Lucas Entertainment website. I've searched in the internet but I don't find it complete and in good quality. Also, If you have other Shay photo sessions (complete with HQ) I would like you to share them with me, please :sob:
  7. HoneyMoonAvenue21

    Salvatore_martinez Onlyfans

    ¡Hi guys! Today, i have found a awesome, thick, huge and monster cock italian boy called Salvatore Martinez. Actually he's married, and a few years ago, he did porn with Lucas entertainment. I found a video with his husband : His ONLYFANS is very very hot. Has a lot of images and videos...
  8. jaywks

    Tryp bates / aidan (sean cody)

    I was surprised to find no threads on Tryp Bates (previously Aidan from SC) here. I'm obsessed! Anyone know anything interesting about him or have some awesome stuff to share?? Tryp Bates (@TrypBatesXXX) | Twitter