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male bonding

  1. E

    New Roomate/male Bonding

    so i need help. i recently asked my friend( yes just a friend. i dont wanna fuck him or have a crush on him) if he wanted to get our own place together. that’s still in the process. okay so i didnt really have an open childhood liek some of y’all. my parents weren’t prudes but there wasn’t...
  2. sportsmanc

    Sports Squads/bonding/differences

    Does anyone else love the bond and brotherhood of a sports squad? Love the male only space of a lockerroom and how varied the men are on the team. Different builds, colours, ages - knowing all of them regularly see each other naked. The variation is fascinating.
  3. Semichrmedlfe

    Honolulu April 18-20

    Hey -- I am in the Waikiki Beach area at a hotel for work April 18-20. Mostly straight, married dad, 45, into bating with other masc dudes. I have finished my vaccine (x2) and looking for a bate bud. Love to bond with bate buds-- especially military dudes.
  4. 3

    Football And Rugby Teams

    Anyone else love looking at photos of football and rugby squads, seeing them in their kit, smiling, knowing that they all openly stand bollock naked in front of each other. Love the mix of different types of men too. New recruits who are early 20s alongside married men in their late 30s. Knowing...