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male feet

  1. S

    I'm New Here, Love To Show Pictures Of My Feet

    I just love posting pictures of my feet,, anyone interested??
  2. elocke13

    Photos & Videos Carl Griffiths Huge Feet - Size 22 Us

    my first attempt at making a thread :p Always loved Carl's feet, first discovered him years back, when articles were being written about his big feet and his struggles to find shoes that fit, fast forward a couple years and he's finally realised the power they have!
  3. serph789

    Eric From Xanderbeckett

    Anyone know if Eric from Xanderbeckett has been on any other porn site? Or most importantly his real name/social medias?
  4. serph789

    Ben From Stud Feet.com

    Anyone know anything about Ben from the inactive site Stud Feet? If hes done any other porn or if he has links to social media??
  5. serph789

    Photo Straight Pornstar Chad Alva Feet

    Any one else think straight porn actor Chad Alva is insanely hot? I've had a crush on him ever since he played shaggy on the porn parody of scooby doo. One thing i've yet to come across (and believe me, I have been SEARCHING) are decent foot (sole) pics of him. Any foot lovers out there can help...