male models photography

  1. K

    Does anyone know who is the photographer or the model for this pic

    a friend sent me this pic of this hot asian guy, i've tried to search for the watermark but couldn't find neither the photographer nor the model... like hstyle--- HSTYLE WHAT? pleek i need help
  2. JustinThaiPhoto

    Photographer Looking for Male Models - NYC (July 2023) or Virtual

    Hello … I’m a San Francisco-based photographer looking for male models to shoot. I am looking for guys, with or without modeling experience, who is comfortable with their body and self. I shoot everything from headshot to full-nude. I only post a few photos on my social media. However, I am...
  3. wtthehell

    Leslie Kee Photography

    Leslie Kee has shot many Asian and Western celebrities. His artworks have become a rare resource on the internet now. Does anyone have bought his books or have digital copies of the artworks to share?
  4. violet-king22

    LA Photographer Looking for Models (Amatuer or Professional)

    Hi, I'm new to the community. I'm a professional freelance photographer/videographer based in LA looking to find male (primarily) and female models to build my boudoir portfolio. I'm an experienced portrait photographer but am new to shooting nudes and erotic content, so I am open to working...
  5. G

    Photos & Videos Artist Naruki Kukita’s male models

    I just stumbled across this guy’s instagram account, and found out that he’s an artist who typically draws nude male models with live reference. The guys he draws are quite hot but due to instagram’s censorship and whatnot the male models themselves are censored (the artworks are not though)...
  6. neinmike

    Nico by Gregory Adams for TheMaleForm

    This guy has got to be the hottest beefcake I've ever seen LoL
  7. R

    Anyone Know who these Charlie by Matthew Zink Models are?

  8. J

    Looking For Models - Manchester

    Hi all, Looking for confident male models for boudoir shoots to further my portfolio These shoots are unpaid, however you will get a digital copy of every image and they will be professionally retouched by myself before hand Shoot will be mainly in underwear, however if you are happy to do...
  9. Ruby Lhuillier

    Strictly Serious Model Only

    Hey guys, can we actually start this thread with signed models only/former signed models. We can contribute old pictures that had been posted on the other thread. I just want a cleansed thread, rid of RANDOM guys.
  10. M

    Photo Owen Hundt

    Any nudes on him. New England Free Jacks rugby player. Saw a Pic of his being removed from the photographer's Instagram account. Wonder why.
  11. M

    Hunks Of Sweden

    Hunks of Sweden was a photography site for Franz Fleissner. He took pictures of really sexy Swedish male models, he now has cfnmsweden was wondering if anyone has any hot uncensored nude photography from him because these guys are just beautiful