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male models

  1. sxfsf142

    A man you want to know who he is (For Everyone)

  2. N

    ID this model please!

  3. ksnpch

    Ry@n Ch@n Photob00k

    Anyone have the photo book of him, Share the nude pic please, Thanks
  4. Marco Tony

    Erotic Men - Hot And Sensual

    Here is all about the eroticism and the sensuality of hot men. No porn here. Just erotic nude photoshoots. From great photographers. Lets all share hot erotic men.
  5. A

    Les Hommes Publics magazine

  6. violet-king22

    LA Photographer Looking for Models (Amatuer or Professional)

    Hi, I'm new to the community. I'm a professional freelance photographer/videographer based in LA looking to find male (primarily) and female models to build my boudoir portfolio. I'm an experienced portrait photographer but am new to shooting nudes and erotic content, so I am open to working...
  7. K

    muscular men versatile

    This is a thread dedicated to all muscular men (including male bodybuilders male fitness trainers, male personal trainer, muscular gay porn stars and etc) who are versatile. please post muscle men only. all muscular men should ditch the gay sex labels like "Strictly bottom" and "strictly top"...
  8. W

    Photo Adam Paul Johnson, football player/actor

    Thought I'd start a thread to appreciate Adam Johnson. He's not the most famous guy in the world, but he played college football, and then professional football for a few teams, and then has been an actor and model. I think he's very handsome and he has aged beautifully! Not sure what his...
  9. Milutilu

    Who is this male model

    Can anyone identify this hot model? Thanks
  10. V

    Male models who have had their lives broken by their porn material

    I mean, the do not post list speaks for itself. There are some very big names in there I discovered this forum recently, until then accustomed to the neutral content of shirtless photos on IG. It amazes and frightens me in equal parts that many of the male models I follow on IG at some point...
  11. E

    Versace and Moncler male model

    I wonder who this guy is...I think he's gorgeous!
  12. C

    Ryan Kutcher (Bel Ami Model)

    Starting a thread about this Bel Ami hunk
  13. neinmike

    Nico by Gregory Adams for TheMaleForm

    This guy has got to be the hottest beefcake I've ever seen LoL
  14. U

    Photos & Videos Hot Instagram Boys

    Please I'm looking for old photos and videos of male model Edward Wilding ? His account used to be something like edward_wilding . He was posting very hot content at the time . Thanks
  15. R

    Anyone Know who these Charlie by Matthew Zink Models are?

  16. Zeke-98

    Paul Kelly - Handsome Canadian Model

    He's the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.
  17. C

    Tom Ford Men/ Male Models

    Starting a thread about Tom Ford (fashion designer/ photographer)'s sexy men Conrad Bromfield by Tom Ford for Numero Russia
  18. Flamme20

    Photo Currawong Creek

  19. S

    Retired Cam Models

    Have some favorite cam models who no longer cam? Any info on them? Why did they stop camming? Do they have social media/onlyfans today? I have a few favorites from flirt4free I wish would return or start onlyfans. Any info on these? Brad Hedlund Blue Aidan/Aidan Blue Tyler Dean Jax Black Kit...
  20. S

    Purchased Underwear From Actors, Male Pornstars And Models

    I couldn't find a post on this subject. Decided to create one. Have you purchased underwear from to your favorite male actors, pornstars or models? It will would be fun to discuss! Prices, type of underwear and anything extra they did for you. Photos are always a plus! Pornstars seem more for...
  21. N

    Yunis Torres

    Is there anything on Yunis Torres IG: https://www.instagram.com/its_yunis/?hl=en
  22. Marco Tony

    Sexy Men Sexy Clothes (erotic Gay Men)

    Lets explore the sensuality of men. Here you can share pictures of men wearing sexy clothes.
  23. C

    L'uomo Vogue May/june 1998 By Steven Meisel

    L'Uomo Vogue May/June 1998 by Steven Meisel Anyone has high-res scans from this shoot?
  24. J

    Looking For Models - Manchester

    Hi all, Looking for confident male models for boudoir shoots to further my portfolio These shoots are unpaid, however you will get a digital copy of every image and they will be professionally retouched by myself before hand Shoot will be mainly in underwear, however if you are happy to do...
  25. U

    Help Needed! What Are Their Names?

    Hi, does anyone recognise these male models? I need help trying to find their names to follow on social media. Tried reverse image searching them but their names/profiles are never given. Only thing I found is that one is a model for Kwan.Z underwear brand (never heard of it) and another for...
  26. M

    Model/bullrider Brodie Wilkinson

    Anyone have anything on model and at least part time bullrider Brodie Wilkinson his instagrams are Brodie Wilkinson (@official_brodiewilkinson) • Instagram photos and videos & Brodie Wilkinson Model Photos (@model_brodiewilkinson) Instagram profile • 6 photos and videos He allegedly has an OF...
  27. Ruby Lhuillier

    Strictly Serious Model Only

    Hey guys, can we actually start this thread with signed models only/former signed models. We can contribute old pictures that had been posted on the other thread. I just want a cleansed thread, rid of RANDOM guys.
  28. M

    Brazilian Model Lucas Bastos

    Anyone know anything on Brazilian male model Lucas Bastos ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lucas Bastos (@lucasbastttos) • Instagram photos and videos
  29. B

    Anything On Model Sam Way?

    He’s gorgeous british model with the best smile.
  30. C

    Bruce Weber's Boys

    How come there isn't a thread about Bruce Weber's pictures? He shot more nudes than anyone on earth! Let's start sharing his pictures or any behind the scenes stories here...