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male nudity

  1. ksnpch

    Photo Anyone khow the name of this movie?

    Tell me please, Thank you.
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Male Celebrities Naked (cont.)

    The old thread is dead, long live the new one.
  3. ScudderUK

    Blokes and books

    So where all the well read blokes at?
  4. M

    What Jobs Do You See Most Nudity?

    Hey LPSGers, Just want to know, what non-sexual jobs have you been in where you seen lots of male nudity, guys cocks by chance… etc. Im assuming as a public pool cleaner, you would see guys naked around you. Maybe a masseuse??? Let’s discuss and share!!!
  5. W

    Movies About Ancient Greece / Rome With Male Nudity

    As the title tells, this thread will contain suggestions for movies about Antiquity that display male nudity. I decided to create it after failing to find anything relevant online. *** Because of the on-going 2020 Olympics, I also decided to create a poll on whether the Olympians should...
  6. J

    Video Scenes Of Male Nudity In Series Ruthless

    Scenes from season 1 episode 1 to 15
  7. W

    Links My Blog

    I've started a blog dedicated to man ass and male toilet scenes. You are more than welcome to follow. I know we cannot really talk about guys on the toilet, so I have a ThisVid and Discord server, both dedicated to male toilet scenes, where you can share toilet scenes, but butt scenes. Butt...
  8. M

    De Spa (dutch Tv Series)

    It's been a while since I've made a mega post here, but here goes... This thread will feature clips and photos from the short lived series De Spa, starring Annette Barlo, Davy Eduard King and Rein van Duivenboden, among others. This series follows the happenings at a luxury spa and hotel that...
  9. L

    Photos & Videos Male Nudity Photo

  10. M

    Fabricio Delmonte / Fabricio.delmonte

    The new hottie on Instagram Fabricio semi nude photoshoot for Eroticcomagazine
  11. S

    Open Showers In France

    I started listing open showers where guys shower naked in France (that excludes most swimming pools in France). You can find the list here : Framacalc - tableur collaboratif en ligne
  12. M

    Chicago naked game night

    Hey guys Looking to host a few guys for a naked game night in Lakeview I’m 28 years old and have developed a bit of a nudist persona. Looking for other nude curious or nudist guys around my age.
  13. ksnpch

    Liam dean

    Anyone More Of him?
  14. 1

    Movies with full frontal male nudity

    Good Morning LPSG'ers! Looking for movies with full frontal male nudity. First one that comes to my mind is Starship Troopers. Share your favorites!