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male pornstar

  1. D

    Pornstar Buster Good

    Pornstar Buster Good. A real muscular man. Not sure if he’s still modelling or performing. Did a lot of threesome scenes with John West. Thought he was worth posting.
  2. k1016

    Chris White (gay pornstar)

    He’s one of my new favs
  3. S

    Name of this male pornstar from Alterotic?

  4. B

    Photos & Videos Straight Pornstars Solo

    Starting a thread to post solos of straight male pornstars :imp:
  5. D

    Who is this?

    Anyone know the name of this white pornstar? He was in a lot of the midnightprowl vids as the cameraman. He was also in this 40ozbounce video with Ice La Fox. 40ozbounce Icelafox
  6. M

    Photo Does anyone know the name of the guy in the video?

    Does anyone know his name? I was looking for his another video where he fuck a female nurse who trying to seduce him. It's a vintage porn actually. https://tubepornclassic.com/videos/1056292/sex-in-office2/?promo=12077 Here is the link. Thanksss
  7. #6 Mark Ashley

    #6 Mark Ashley

    Wanna see what a "horse hung" white cock looks like? Well, step right up! This is Mark freakin Ashley. This guy has a penis that just goes on and on...its soooooo freakin large. Soooo f***in BIG. It kinda gives me the shivers when I look at it, it is such a complete and utter 'turn on!'...
  8. T

    Nick Manning Fan Club

    This tall tan straight male pornstar is known for his long wild hair and his verbal aggression. He’s basically the Tarzan of porn. Getting fucked by him always looks like a wild ride. DROPPING FUCKING LOADS!!!! Post your favorite scenes and pics here
  9. T_Smag

    Photos & Videos Nick Taylor (aka Nicholas Taylor, Nicholas W Rava, Franco)

    I'm looking for two XXX videos: - Beyond Shame (2006) - Best of Dynamite Studios 4 (2006) They both star Nick Taylor. If anyone can help, let me know. I'll post some of Nick's videos to hopefully give LPSG's blood hounds the scent.
  10. T

    Who Is This Guy?

    Can anyone ID this porn actor? http://fap.to/images/49/573883366/bondage-sm-porn/Slap-That-Bitch-14.gif
  11. iluvmen

    Straight Male Pornstar Butts

    Hey everyone! As a gay man, I really appreciate the sight of a well-built straight man pleasing a woman. And, it is a huge turn on for me to see these men from behind. I admire the well-built male body. I believe that the sight of strong glutes, a smooth taint and heavy balls is extremely...
  12. M

    Pauly The Ginny

    Does anyone know what became of ‘Paula the Ginny?’ He did some work for Big Tits Curvy Asses, Mom’s a Cheater, and White Dicks in Black Chicks, about ten years ago.
  13. A

    Id the pornstar please?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you knows the male pornstar who sits with John Johnson at 15:44. The other two males at the beginning are Angelo Godshack and Mad Bundy. If anyone knows the 4th male, please help me :D Thank you!!! [American-Pornstar] Megan Inky (Four Big Dicks Double...
  14. T

    Male pornstar id

    Does anyone knows the guys name? Please