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male pregnancy

  1. Badunkbadonk

    Mpreg Micro-fiction by Peter Schutes

    In the process of putting together 500 tweets for Peter's social jukebox, I inadvertently wrote a ton of micro-fiction. I will share it here. These are from a series of seven books called "Appalachian Bred" - they're part bara, part mpreg, and 100% steamy. Not all of these are posted yet on...
  2. Badunkbadonk

    The butt baby m-m pregnancy

    Written as though it were 1981, this twisted tale is nearly a novella. Chuck, a beta male if ever there was one, attends a dinner party that quickly devolves into an orgy. His best friend, "Nick the Dick" inadvertently impregnates Chuck. His life spirals out of control until he finds the kind...