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  1. MKP87

    Aurelio Sampognaro - Italian model

  2. PerAsperaAdAstrazeneca

    Photos & Videos Airon Nik

    Anyone has anything on him? Instagram
  3. J

    Photo Ryan Tift

    Thought I’d start a thread on him. Suprised there isn’t one already. He’s so sexy.
  4. Nick2928299

    Help me identify him!!!

  5. PerAsperaAdAstrazeneca

    Photos & Videos Augusto Baccanelli (@augustobacc)

    Someone have something on this hottie? He's on Yummyzine :heart_eyes:
  6. D

    Sexy Muscle Asians

    Hey there! Anyone else into muscular/fit Asian guys? I see them more and more and can’t deny how into them I am. If anyone else has any names and pictures of models and such to share, please do! IG @ captainyangpu
  7. F


    A thread for him since there wasn't any if you have any thing post it here
  8. MKP87

    Pablo Morais

    A thread dedicated to Brazilian model-actor-musician Pablo Morais.
  9. MKP87

    Ton Heukels (dutch Model)

    Surprised there isn't a thread dedicated to this gorgeous model. Here are some samples.
  10. Carlos Santos

    Gabriel Hines (model)

    Hi guys! Anything on Gabriel Hines? He's so hot
  11. Carlos Santos

    Helder Afonso (portuguese Model)

    Hi guys! I'm surprised there isn't a thread dedicated to this guys! He's absolutely stunning!
  12. Carlos Santos

    Mike Pishek (gorgeous Male Model)

    How come I've never seen this man before! He's fucking stunning!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  13. Carlos Santos

    Marcio And Marcos Patriota (brazilian Twin Models)

    Brazilian Twin Models Marcio and Marcos Patriota. They're really selling the twincest vibe. Marcio & Marcos Patriota
  14. Carlos Santos

    Jhonattan Burjack (brazilian Model)

    Hey guys! Anything on Jhonattan Burjack? He's so hot!
  15. N

    Photo Anybody Know Who This Is???

    he’s so hot lol
  16. B

    Anyone Know Who This Guy Is From Asos?