1. msriffraff

    Model Onnys Aho - French/West African

    This guy is clearly packing. Anyone got anything more?
  2. msriffraff

    Noanne Gomez - gorgeous Black model

    Just discovered this gorgeous man. Anyone have more?
  3. msriffraff

    Saber Dridi

    Stumbled upon this guy - hunky and packing. Anyone have anything else? Seems to be French and has modeled for Jacquemus recently.
  4. msriffraff

    French muscle model Steve Sanmartin

    Came across this model and fitness instructor. He's huge, evidently VERY tall, and has modeled for a number of well known photographers. Anyone have anything good on him?
  5. msriffraff

    Yohan Saadoun

    I came across this sexy French model, perhaps of Israeli or middle eastern origin. Anyone know anything more about him?
  6. H

    Photo FLORENT THEVENOT (France Male Model)

    Any full frontal nudes of him?
  7. msriffraff

    Photo Stevens/Steven DuJon Solis - Black French gogo, model stripper

    This guy pops up on a lot of other people's pages - he's done Matinee Paris gogo dancing, perhaps some stripping. He is so gorgeous. Anyone have anything more on him?
  8. V

    Virgil Aubriot (french Model)

    He's gorgeous.. Anyone got more to see?