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  1. E

    How do you prefer your pubic hair?

    How do you prefer your pubic hair? And what is the reason? Shaving because it makes your penis look bigger? Or keeping it natural because you feel more manly, or just can't bother shaving? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. JayPR

    Why most Latino men tend to shave all their body hair?

    Based on my experience, most Latino/Hispanic men tend to shave their body hair (legs, armpits, chest, and pubes.) There's nothing wrong with that, but I am curious to know why is this so common, especially here in the U.S.? With other ethnic groups, it is more of a mixed bag between body hair...
  3. Q

    Keeping Smooth Skin

    Hi all. So, I've a question related to shaving/grooming: How do you keep your body smooth and hairless? Do you just shave each 3-5 days? I'm a little bit hairy and like to keep my abs, groin and ass hairless, but it's kind of anoying to shave frequently. I also trim my chest, pubes and...
  4. T

    Guys With Landing Strips

    I feel like I'm the only one that likes this. :joy::sob:
  5. hypolimnas

    Pubes And Manscaping-the Next 4 Weeks

    I just had a curious thought ... wondering if you guys have plans for your pubes and manscaping for the next few weeks while you are confined to barracks - I know my body hair is tidier than it has for a while because I have been at home with more time work on myself. (Meaning horny and...
  6. JayPR

    Pubic Hair Around The World. What's The Favorite Style In Your Country: Shaven, Trimmed Or Bushy?

    Before the late '90s, pubic hair was pretty much the norm among men. Nowadays, some kind of manscaping (even if it is just a little) seems pretty popular in the US. However, based on my experience, I've noticed that the way men "treat" their pubic hair varies from culture to culture. For...
  7. 8

    Shaving Alternatives?

    I have always been a guy that trims or shaves the boys. Which sometimes it just takes up time and I have usually a tight sack so pulling a bit to shave proper can glbe a hassle or I forget. i was curious about gels or sprays etc. Have any of you tried these products? What were your experiences...
  8. 1

    Male Waxing In The Toronto Area

    Hi gents, Can anyone recommend a waxing place in Toronto? I found the popular chains not experienced with male waxing. At one of the places I've been to for a back wax, I casually asked if she did any male brazilians and she said they didn't (even their website advertises it). While I'm not...