1. F

    Gay pornstars that are now married with women or religious

    Please share gay pornstars that are now married with women or are now religious. Do not use their real names please.
  2. E

    Do real straight guys like to compare/ JO with other straight guys

    Interested in hearing about straight guys. There are straight guys many of whom are married to females on this site who are looking to meet with other straight guys for only comparing and JO , no touching or mutual JO or any other stuff. I know straight guys will never strip naked with other...
  3. B

    Chad Wolf

    This man is a total daddy and looks like he is packing a lot down there I understand he is well known in the political spectrum but let’s just ignore politics and admire this stud
  4. bisexualTOPsmoothBOTTOM

    New York City (nyc) Couple For Straight, Married, Bisexual Or Curious Men

    We are looking for a one-time or regular fun with hot married, bi, straight or curious guys who are into uncomplicated fun. We have been with quite a few of married, bi and straight guys so we know the drill with discretion. We are for real and do not want to waste time. Please DM us and tell us...
  5. C

    Hung Voyeur

    hung black top, gay and married with voyeuristic tendencies seeks opportunities in London to observe fit men fuck.