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  1. sudcalifornio

    Increased Masochism

    Let me start to explain, my gf andwand IuI to have some kind of vanilla sex when we started this relationship. Everything started when I spanked her while we were at it. She begins to ask to be spanked a little harder to the point of mark her, didn't like this but I complied because she has same...
  2. D

    Photo Bdsm Themed Photos

    BDSM in all facets is a personal love of mine. Share BDSM themed photos that get your attention. Included: bondage, femdom, maledom, collars/leashes and whatever else fits this scene.
  3. V

    Top Wants It To Hurt

    so...I find it really hot when you can tell the top wants it to hurt or that he likes making his bottom boy suffer, squeal, etc. anybody else into that? Anyone have any fav vids of this type? I struggle to find them in this specific genre. Just thought it would be good for us to put together a...