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  1. elkynder

    Photos & Videos Help ID Bodybuilder and Any Content?

    Hot sexy Bodybuilder but I can't find anything else online Help me ID and find any other content please Found this compilation video with him, competition pics, nudes and solo wank videos. The OP says he's Indonesian but unsure. He has a nice muscular body and a hot veiny dick!
  2. Sluthorn99

    Photos & Videos Anyone willing to do a cum tribute to Charile Ewels ass

  3. DevonTexas

    Dallas & Denton Bate Fun

    Looking for other guys mostly into comparing, edging, jo, body contact, and frot. ddf, hung and chill here.
  4. O

    New Guy Looking To Chat

    Just logged in from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Always horny and looking to get off with young hung dudes. Help a dude bust a nut.
  5. Scouse_sean

    Rubbing Your Bell End

    I know this might be mad obvious but do any of you really REALLY get off on rubbing your bell end. I can go from being completely soft to raging in seconds. Also the orgasms I get doing it are amazing. I’d kind of forgotten about just having a good old rub but will in the shower today and left...
  6. Joeme24

    Masterbation Techniques

    Mind sharing some techniques that work for you? Guess this would be solo performances only with no toys involved. Technique Name - Level: Easy, Medium, Hard . Hey if you want to send accompanying demo .... Haha.
  7. Tefloncon

    Video The Solo Black Male Collaboration Album

    The pooling of Dropbox, Mega & other cloud folders, individual uploads and/or links to HD videos of solo black cock. Hopefully creating the ultimate resource of BBC on the internet I made a public album that people can view, download and add to...
  8. T

    Curious, Bi Etc. I Think I Just Found Out

    My profile says 1% gay, which I always thought did not really describe me. You see I’ve always been a bit curious as when I was in my teens, me and my best friend experimented a little. Just a bit of nude bonding and mutual mastabation. Now married and in my 50’s I have often wondered. Last...
  9. David Pope

    Kinky on phone

    Looking to have fun on phone swap pictures jack off together
  10. hard master

    Fit master

    FIT MASTER 28 HERE, looking for a fit or skinny slave under 35 who can serve me on skype. skype is hardbdsmmaster@gmail.com , ONLY ADD ME IF YOU FIT MY DESCRIPTION! I am a master for many years now. I am mostly into longer term, i have some slaves for over 2 years now. I tried almost...
  11. JDFatHead

    My nasty masterbating vids at hotgoo.com

    Watch me cum. Many many times Hot Goo: Search Results for Polepounder fag
  12. JDFatHead

    My vids at hotgoo.com

    Dozens of dirty masterbating and anal Insertion vids! Hot Goo: Search Results for Polepounder fag
  13. JDFatHead

    Shooting big loads

    Launching cum out my cock for your pleasure. Watch my many masterbating vids! https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/jdfatheads-videos.139697/
  14. JDFatHead

    Video Dirty dozen cum shots

    Shooting my load into my smooth body. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/jdfatheads-videos.139697/