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  1. B

    3 inches hard

    I'm 18 years old and concerned about my size. I measured and my length x girth (circumference) are 51 x 44 mm (2 x 1.73 inches) soft and 75 x 69 mm (2.95 x 2.71 inches) hard. Will that be enough or is it too small? Would you be ok with someone this size?
  2. W

    Videos/pics Of Cocks Getting Measured At Gloryhole?

    I know it is oddly specific but I've seen a few videos now where a girl/trans/guy measures a big dick at a gloryhole. There is one on Gloryholeswallow with a blonde chick measuring a few cocks, including one BBC. Then there's a trans Onlyfans creator called Divavegasgh that likes to measure...
  3. A

    Hung Guys Adding Inches

    Not sure if this is the right forum but urgent question. Why do already hung guys feel the need to add inches? Like I get a little rounding up e.g. I’m a bit under 8 but say I’m 8 (pic included) I have no issue with like a half inch extra, but why claim to be 9/10 when 8 or 8/9 when 7...
  4. johnnyunitas

    Lady Boss And The Well-hung Temp

    I haven't edited this at all so it's pretty rough. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary was staring up at the ceiling waiting for her alarm to go off. She was excited. She was nervous. Her husband’s snoring was nearly drowned out by the sound of...
  5. E

    The "how To Measure Your Penis" Guide

    Good morning class! Today’s lesson is about how to measure your penis! While at first glance this might seem like an easy task, history has shown, that nearly everyone who attempted this challenge has failed miserably to provide an accurate result. Therefore, one must assume that there are...
  6. grease

    Fluctuations In Erect Length?

    Hello, I am stressed and depressed as one can be during this global pandemic. And, just the other day I decided to measure both my Npel and Bpel, and I was perplexed at the noticable difference in length from what I used to measure. I have seemed to have "lost" a 1/4" to a 1/2" in both Nbpel...
  7. cornhulio

    Links Context To Size

    I found these yesterday and i think they just complete each other perfectly. uncensored, body writing, measurements, nash1nomi, nude, tagme | Idol Complex - Idol & Cosplay Images uncensored, body writing, measurements, nash1nomi, nude, tagme | Idol Complex - Idol & Cosplay Images high...
  8. DGH123

    Is This Considered A Big Girth?

  9. ja8855

    How big do u think i'm?

    Just as the title says, check my pics and vids and tell me what do u think my size is soft and hard
  10. I

    Challenge prove your 8 inches or over correct measurements only

    Let's get the thread rolling ruler or tape measure on top bone pressed ill start.
  11. I

    8 inches+ photos, prove your size!

    So often on this forum people make bold claims about their size with little to no proof. Let this thread be a show off thread for all genuine big cocks! https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/photos/967527/