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  1. C

    Video *Mild Warning: Unusual Medical Condition (genital)* Can anyone ID this cammer?

    Guy with unusual medical condition called Buried Penis (syndrome?) goes on cam to jerk and cum. His cock is unique that it developed under his balls, and he can even show how hard he is under his skin. When he's soft, it sorta looks like a caged cock without the cage lol. Also, what a great...
  2. H

    Photo Request to id men in medical film

    (I'm sorry if this question has been asked before.) I saw a video featuring 3 males acting as medical staff. 2 of them are in a storage room having sex when another busts them, and joins in. Does any one know their names? The name of the film?
  3. D

    Dermatologist Videos

    There were some pretty hot (s p y) videos posted in a now deleted threat showing an italian dermatoligst with his patiens... does someone have these?
  4. AusOtter

    Medical Physical Exams

    Hey there. Always been fascinated by these, both from a medical point of view and also from the porn I've watched since I was a younger lad. Never had a physical though. Anyone know where/how to get them in the UK? I've been in London 6 years but only just signed up for a GP. Or.... Anyone...
  5. M

    Video Can Someone Help Id This Porn Video?

    I'm in love with this video of a military doctor examining a soldier? I was wondering if anyone can help ID where it's from? Either the studio, movie, or actors in it. Thanks!
  6. H

    Hot Physio Videos

    I stumbled upon these videos today and thought they were inadvertantly hot, anyone else think so?
  7. RamblingCock

    Kidney Stones, Hernias And Being Naked

    "Oh, my!" In about an hour I'm leaving for the surgery center for the third lithotripsy attempt at ridding me of a tenacious kidney stone in my left kidney. If this doesn't work I'm going to be sent for the far more invasive "up through the penis with forceps" approach. This morning, when I...
  8. Shackleford

    The Sample

    PART 1: So there I sat on the upright table in the relatively spacious exam room, clad in the airy gown with nothing underneath, with my wife a few feet away in a wholly utilitarian chair. The nurse had been questioning me for a figurative minute or so at that point, verifying my particulars...
  9. L

    Weird But I Need To Ask

    Im a gay guy, never been with a woman (or wanted to be). I’ve was a bit of a late starter, being shy etc. When I started I was top but didn’t enjoy it much and didn’t do it often. I did btm for a few guys including my only proper boyfriend, but it was never that fun. Recently I’ve developed...
  10. C

    Guys Cut For Medical Reasons, What Was The Reason?

    If you were circumcised for medical reasons what were the medical reasons you were circumcised?
  11. J

    Discreet measuring service / exam - london

    Hey guys, Just thought I’d see if any guys are interested in being measured / examined in a discreet environment? Would be happy to provide this service to any lads interested in having someone else take various measurements of them and receiving a roleplay style physical exam. Happy to...