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  1. S

    Help me identify this guy on thi meme!

    Hey, can you guys help me identify this guy in this meme? Is it from a gay vid?
  2. S

    Can you ID this bear or scene?

    Ho guysss i Saw a lot of this meme. I d like to know who is this lovely bear or at least where this scene come from. Thank you in advanceee
  3. P

    Photo Gay porn Actor Name

    Hi Guys, Do you know the name of this gay porn actor. This pic is from a meme i saw on Twitter. Thank u guys.
  4. F

    Is this shit real lmfao???

  5. D

    This salad tastes…

    This salad tastes like I’d rather be fat.
  6. I

    Can anyone help ID this beefy hunk please?

    Does anyone know who this hunk is?
  7. I

    Lgbt Memes

    I don't know if already exists a thread about it, but I consider LGBT's memes very funny. So, if you find one on the web or if you create one, post it here and let's smile! (Any language is allowed, but insert traduction if it is not in english.)
  8. MomentoMori92

    Photos & Videos Lachborne Bachkhaz (lucky Luciano)

    Dude went viral back in the day, he’s kind of a douche, but he’s gotten kinda buff during quarantine & he has nice lips. I feel like he might have a nice ass too, hopefully I’ll find out one day
  9. Z

    Fetish Memes

    Hi anyone into fetish meme style videos ?
  10. grantofthecentury

    2 Black Guys Kissing Meme?

    some of you might have seen this meme going around the internet of these two black guys making out. i remember that a while ago i watched a small clip of this which means it comes from a video, so does anybody have the full video this comes from?
  11. Powerfull

    Photo Porn Memes

    Hi everyone. Like a lot of people, I love memes. Internet is sometimes, a wonderful world. Let's share some porn memes and have fun !