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  1. H

    Are thongs in?

    I have recently discovered that I’m obsessed with wearing thongs! Anyone else obsessed? I feel like the clothing industry is really pushing thongs these days too! thought I share a few of my favorites! Anyone like?
  2. T

    Share your sexy photos in here

    I was an Instagay two years ago and sometimes I still enjoy to take sexy photos (I'm the exibicionist type). Feel free to share hot stuff of yourselves too
  3. SaurabhK

    Having a taste in men in INDIA

    Hi, this is an Indian, bi, in my twenties and struggling to breathe and have an expansion of possibilities as opposed to opportunities given to being as of course my geological position on the map. Here I live in tier 2 city up north part of India, the city itself is buisness driven and most of...
  4. 1

    Photo Hello

    Just a little gift to all the beautiful and horny men out there.
  5. E

    Thong lovers

    Men’s thongs