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michael lucas

  1. Z

    Jed Athens lucas Entertainment

    I’m looking for pictures of this handsome model who worker for Lucas Ent lucious hole fat ass bottom fist pig boy pornstar Jed Athens If you guys have any pics or vids from his now deleted Twitter Account or rare solo amateur videos photos from the internet please post it here Thanks.
  2. P

    Michael Lucas OF getting rimmed/fingered

    Anyone have a list of all the videos where Michael Lucas gets rimmed or fingered? Or any kind of ass play. My favorite ones are him with a Cuban model, the one with Alonzo, and another one with Francisco where you can clearly hear him tell Francisco to finger his ass.
  3. Cruzer90

    Michael Lucas Model

    Does anyone know who ththe other guy in this video Is or if there us more to this video?
  4. Capitolhillguy

    Does anyone else miss the old days at lucas entertainment

    Yes, Michael is a pig, but his studio with other producers used to turn out some really hot videos fairly constantly. Now the guys are older and harder looking in general and every scene has a goddamn dildo in it. You used to get frequent breeding inside the ass scenes but that has not shown...