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  1. Rodney Dakus

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol Exhibitionist Extra Small Funny Porn Little Dick Micropenis Nudist Voyeur r/NSFWFunny r/sph Porn GIF by jmillem
  2. S

    Just a tiny dick

    Just a micro penis hoping others find it funny
  3. C

    Microdicks, Big Clits & Large Vaginal Lips: A place for small penises AND large clitorises & labias to be celebrated

    I love the look of a tiny micro penis or big clitoris being sucked on and played with. Also love the large vaginal labia look as well. all kinds of porn welcome (straight, gay, transgender etc) . celebrating clit-dicks, micropeens everywhere
  4. J

    Muscle Jock Micro Cock (@musclejockmicrocock Or @bigjocktinycock On Twitter)

    This guy is beyond hot and he has a legit micro penis. He keeps it locked in a tiny chastity cage most of the time but he sometimes takes it out. It has to be less and an inch long. I’m wondering if anyone has subscribed to his OF and would be able to confirm if it’s worth it or not. Also just...
  5. H

    Seeking For Smallpenis/micropenis

    seeing a small dick really fascinates me and somehow make me horny and want to humiliate them and show who's the fucking alpha. i would love to see some boypussy, a dick that is almost nothing or a small dick raging from 4" and below when hard. lets talk about it on whatsapp if youre cool...