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  1. Steaming off after a long day

    Steaming off after a long day

    Would you watch or join in?
  2. It’s not gay if you’re deployed

    It’s not gay if you’re deployed

    It’s often said in jest in the Army and other services, but there is some truth behind it. The more masculine the environment, the more gay shit gets. Guys hanging out naked, playing gay chicken, sharing porn, etc. And when you’re deployed and with insular all-male communities it gets even...
  3. Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Deployed in Iraq (and I daresay most other places) one of the go-to means of hygiene is the installation of “piss tubes”. To curb men from whipping their cocks out just anywhere to take a piss and without having to use the shitters, designated latrine areas often include a corner or screened-off...
  4. M

    Who Is This Amazing Bottom Man?

    Supposed to be amateur but I think I’ve seen him somewhere else in porn. He must have an online presence outside this vid. Please help, Tnx .
  5. D

    Photo Noah tambunga ig?

    I know he isn’t a model or celebrity... but damn he looks good