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models and celebrities

  1. SashaF

    Who is this hot straight guy

    Apparently he was getting coffee from the kitchen - on a good morning day. Who is this hot guy? Husband material
  2. fireice42

    Themo Melikidze

  3. R

    @Chcci on Instagram @hyykfpUØ on Twitter

    Does anyone have anything on him? He’s been in a bunch of different threads on here but I wanted to make him his own. He posts a link to his telegram in the captions on his tweets but I don’t know the accurate translation but I think it’s for a private telegram group. Does anyone know how to get in?
  4. XXXLove3535

    Zack Gibson/ Rip Fowler

    Appreciation page for english wrestler Zack Gibson/Rip Fowler This man doesn't get enough love for his british sexiness.
  5. virgoshawty29

    Asmr peeps

    Wassup y’all! What are some good custom/personalized videos do y’all request? I’m running out of ideas!
  6. D

    Onlyfans Lost media.

    So, I was wondering how many onlyfans you've wanted are now lost media? Personally, I think one underrated onlyfans that dissapeared was the one of Robert Cardenas. I remember seeing a twitter video of him fucking like an animal. And then Nil Roma, a super hot twink that had some cruising videos...
  7. iAlhaitham

    Photos & Videos Help me Identify the persons in this video

    I am terribly sorry for the typos I made in the other post so I am posting this again out of shame. I found this video in a telegram group. that doesn't post the name or the source of the videos unlike other groups which annoys me. Can some one help me identify who are these guys in the video...
  8. iAlhaitham

    Please help me indentify or find the source of this video

    I foudn this video in a telegram group. that doesn't post the name or the source of the videos unlike other groups which annoys me. Can some one help me idenftify who are these guys in the video please?
  9. S

    Myles Frost

    This Tony Award winning cutie is by far one of the sexiest new talents to date, and I want him to moonwalk right into my bed :weary_face::joy: Just wanted to start a thread to showcase his beautiful self :heart_eyes:
  10. Razputee

    Help finding this Hot ASF Stock Model

    some photographers are easy to find but this one seems difficult Ay_Photo /BlackDay/ Photohobo from Riga Latvia
  11. B

    Photo Who is this?

    I know he does porn, mostly solos but I want to know if anyone knows his OF or if there's a thread of him on here?
  12. P

    Photos & Videos Javi.rept (javier rept)

    Anyone have anything about this man? He is extremely handsome and hot
  13. A

    Benjamin Wadsworth

    Does anyone have any pictures or stuff of Benjamin Wadsworth? He's over 18 (born in 1999: 22 years old rn), do not post content from before he was 18 if you find stuff like that, and he's not on the do not post list so should be alg. He was from Deadly Class and he's started Unhuman now.
  14. A

    Alejandro Quintana/ Quintana00

    Esta buenisimo y tiene OF. Alguien tiene algo?
  15. Val Vz

    Best orgasms in gay videos

    Could you guys help me find videos where men have sexy body spasms while they are fucking. I show you my favorites. from minute: 19:25 https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/335932/back-at-the-spot/ [VIDEO] Hétero penetrado por dinero, llega al orgasmo prostático y se sorprende &iexcl
  16. B

    Madriz Ten and Jimmy Bud

    I looked for active threads for both of them, but couldn’t find. I created this thread for the both of them together because they often collaborate. Jimmy Bud aka GioGiovani Bianco & Madriz_ten aka Molly Bud
  17. M

    Openly gay/bi celebs we dont talk about

    We only hear about the same old openly gay actors in the media but I am curious are there any gay celebs that are open but get no love? these are some famous guys that I found filippo timi Jesuíta Barbosa, Fábio Audi Alfonso Dosal
  18. OdysseusRex

    Juicyjaywest aka rippedjayuk (just.juicyjay)

  19. F

    Video What's his name?

    Anyone know his name, IG, Twitter or onlyfans? please tell me.
  20. A

    Bread and boxers model

    Apologies if posted elsewhere, I find this one model particularly attractive but can't seem to find any reference to who he is. Have carried out my usual search activities to no avail. He features regularly on the Bread and Boxers Instagram pages: https://instagram.com/breadandboxers Anyone...
  21. A


    New OF account
  22. Y

    Ex On The Beach Italia

    Ex on the Beach Italia S3 E5, Giordano Perotti
  23. B

    Lucho Tr/ Luchotr

    OnlyFans Alguien tendrá sus videos completos ??
  24. N

    Webcam Music

    Singing drumming playing the guitar:emoji_guitar: Any kind of instrument Post any model you like doing something music related. Models posted should be from a webcam site( cam4, f4f, chaturbate,etc) .
  25. I

    Vincent Langlois

    does anyone have anything from Vincent Langlois please
  26. M

    Tom Mcbee Of

    Is anyone following this model OF can let me know how is it?
  27. R


    He’s one of the hottest guys and very comfortable in his skin.
  28. N

    Felipe Ferreira

    His MYM page is ok but can be better. Some of the pics are on his IG, but not the one below. BTW I paid for this photo.
  29. C

    Theirishgiant Onlyfans

    Anyone know what type of content he posts on onlyfans?
  30. K


    Anyone have anything on this hunk?