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  1. G

    More of this monster horse cock?

    I’m looking for pics and vids of this monster cock. Can anyone ID him?
  2. H

    Biggest dick in Tirol

    I‘m searching for the biggest, most massive dicked men in Austria, particularly Tirol/Tyrol. By big I mean at least 20cm in length with a nice girth. Feel free to post a pic in this thread if it applies to you. (May also be from Bavaria/ Alto Adige)
  3. H

    Looking for the biggest dick in Tirol!

    I‘m from Tirol and looking for a real massive prick, with nice girth and incredible length! I’m curious who’s the biggest guy in Tirol/Tyrol. I’m willing to travel, even to munich, bavaria! Post a pic, or your size- both would be best :)
  4. U

    Huge black cocks

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to lpsg and I’m seeing a lack of big black cock threads. Lots of bwc threads through. I thought we should try even it out and post some huge black cocks. There’s plenty out there. I’ll start it off my huge black cock
  5. Ray3

    Guy With Thicc Cock (id?)

    Hi everyone, So a few years ago (probably 2014/2015) I found this video of a guy with such a beautifully big dick. I ended up losing the video and then recently found it again. I think I first found this video on XVIDEOS and it was titled something along the lines of "teen jerks off big dick...
  6. M

    Zayn @zaynnyzaynzayn On Twitter 16 Inches

    https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/media This guy's dick is insane. He claims he did some shady surgery ( https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/status/1389262918391189508 ). If it weren't for the videos where he cums literal bucketloads I would be more inclined to believe him. I suspect it's a silicone...
  7. J

    Handsome Daddys Huge Hard Cock

    HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx Twitter @JohnholmesX
  8. J

    Handsome Daddys Huge Hard Cock

    HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx Twitter @JohnholmesX
  9. J

    Lots Of Pics. Handsome Daddys Huge Hard Cock

    HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx Twitter @JohnholmesX
  10. J

    Handsome Daddys Huge Hard Cock (worlds Sexist Man)

    Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Twitter @JohnholmesX FOLLOW ON PORNHUB--- NEW VIDEOS EVERY 2 DAYS.. MONDAY,WENSDAY, N FRIDAY....
  11. Dropplers

    Video Videos Of Cute Twinks With Huge Cocks (18+ Only)

    Like the other thread, but only videos
  12. gsoler

    Mrhouseplant At Of

    I think this schlong is going to be very popular around here.. SAD BOY HAMMERS THE HOG
  13. 7

    Photos & Videos One Hit Wonders: The Lesser-known Monstercocks Of Porn History

    I want to start a thread of monstercocked guys who did a brief stint in porn/modeling/webcamming, and haven't been seen since. All pics / vids are welcome...anything that comes to mind. I'll start with an old favorite: Leonel. The way his cock keeps on growing and growing is just amazing...
  14. blueboy22

    Sucking My Friend Off For The First Time (true Story)

    Hey guys, I posted this before but thought I'd throw it in this forum too. Y'know cause why not. It's a story about the first time I ever sucked a guy off and wondering if anyone had any similar experiences? Anyway, here goes... So a good few years back when I lived in south Yorkshire (uk) me...
  15. 4

    Mrs Wants To Try Her First Monster Cock (uk)

    Message us Mrs wants to try her first monster preferably 8.5 inch and above
  16. A

    Justin Master's Cock Is Too Big It's Almost Unreal

    if it's not for the video, I would assume that it's PhotoShop-ed. He could touch his nipples, mouth and even armpet easily with that longer-than-the-screen-frame stick
  17. P

    Video Who Is This?

    Let's find guys from gay porn clips together. I would like to start with these two. Does anyone recognise the video? Who is the guy with the awesome dick? Thanks for your help!
  18. L

    New Kik Thread For Big Hung Guys Only. Guys That Are Packing 9 And Above

    A thread for those who still use kik and are packing 9 inches or more . Ill start my kik is @ vintagepinup
  19. C

    Need Good Head In Charlotte, Nc?

    1801741 Let me know! I can also travel if it’s worth it.
  20. 1

    Watch my boyfriend attempting to deepthroat my monstercock!

  21. 1

    Cuckold for cash - craziest story of my life - proof (screenshots)

    I was approached on Instagram by a stranger to fuck his wife for cash. Apparently I used to fuck his ex girlfriend back in the day and she told him all about me. Now he wants to pay me to fuck his wife. Here is the story if you want a good read/laugh. Enjoy!
  22. 1

    Huge in germany??

    American guy living in Germany with a big thick cock looking to battle German big guys.. skype me live:gothic_bucs_fan_1
  23. Beercandilf

    One of my bate vids

    A video of me bating my beer can cock, with a nice big cumshot at the end. Verbal too. thick dick beercan cock DILF bates cock to cumshot
  24. het2roflexible9

    Off the charts oral for other huge hung dudes in la, ca tonight.

    I am hung huge and I am looking for the same to swap some deep throat oral 69 maybe edging each other till we nut at the same time down each others throats. Never done any of this , but tonight is the night to fulfill this fantasy with the right horse hung buddy. Hit me up if you are out there...
  25. 1

    Biggest cumshot you’ll see!

    I have a new video on pornhub that’s for free - it’s one of my bigger loads, maybe someday I’ll manage to capture even bigger ones.. but for now, check it out!
  26. 1

    9 inch dick with insane cumshots

    Check out my pornhub! You wonr be disappointed :) I got videos for sale aswell. TroubleMaker02 Porn Videos | Pornhub
  27. Hotwife only for Monstercocks

    Who is the cock god here ?

    show I w
  28. gsoler

    Video Hugely hung hairy hunk

    Hugely hung dady stroking boner again Anybody knows more of him?
  29. HugeBC

    Video Look how this monster cock grows!

    WOW! He is a hot selfsucker, I love this man! Justin is the biggest on the internet
  30. het2roflexible9

    Looking to explore with another super hung dude los angeles

    Looking to Explore With Another Super Hung Dude Los Angeles. The bigger the better. Come over, watch some straight porn and see what cums up!! Send me a message if this is you.