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  1. Sabrine

    Big Penis Morningwood Routine

    Hi guys <3 I always was curious about what you doing if you have a morningwood? Like you wainting for him cooling down, having sex with your girl? Going into the shower? My ex boyfriend was quite big (around 17cm) he was usually wake up me pushing his pack on my ass and we enend like with...
  2. S

    Morning wood reaction and jerkoff frequency

    Hi guys, As the title said, what is your reaction when you wake up with hard rock boner at the morning? Do you always jerkoff in that moment? And if not, how much time you remain hard? Sounds very basic but I am trying to control my morning routines (I am on 30-35 years old) and want to know...
  3. jacksonknight78

    Morning/night Wood

    We all know about morning wood. But does anyone out there get especially hard at night before bed time? Or is it just me? After a long day and shower. I put on some clean briefs and lay down, maybe watch some Netflix. And all the time, no matter what position I sit. I start getting a boner and...