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  1. A

    Some more MPREG (male pregnancy) fakes

  2. A

    Coming over from Newtumblr after it was axed with my MPREG fake artworks, is there an interest here?

    ...If so, I have LOTS to post, as long as I get followers... examples here...
  3. A

    Migrating from Newtumbl, looking for a space online to post my fakes... Is it here?

  4. Badunkbadonk

    Mpreg Micro-fiction by Peter Schutes

    In the process of putting together 500 tweets for Peter's social jukebox, I inadvertently wrote a ton of micro-fiction. I will share it here. These are from a series of seven books called "Appalachian Bred" - they're part bara, part mpreg, and 100% steamy. Not all of these are posted yet on...
  5. Badunkbadonk

    Any Success With Kindle Vella? Suggestions?

    I published two stories on the new Kindle Vella platform. It’s serialized, so I release a chapter every couple of days. I’m having trouble drumming up readership. True, the stories are in a very tight niche of male pregnancy - but sometimes that works out to my advantage. Have any of you...
  6. Badunkbadonk

    Previously Banned Books Now Free On Kindle Unlimited

    Amazon never told me why my gay MPREG incest novels violated community standards, but six months ago, one of my more salacious bits of prose got blocked. Somebody at Amazon decided that gay erotica was fine, even gay incest passed muster. But if the guy gets pregnant...we’ll perhaps that was too...
  7. Badunkbadonk

    Peter schutes - 2 classics

    Peter Schutes, a fictitious and long dead gay erotica genius, has released two new paperbacks on Amazon. Kindle for the tech generation Http://www.amazon.com/author/peterschutes