muscle definition

  1. E

    Photos & Videos Bogdan Shemakin

    Anyone subscribe to his onlyfans? bogdan_1994? Any good contents? He has some videos on TBF and very muscular. His Insta: @shemakin_ifbb
  2. N

    Video Hot Model Id

    I found this vid in a forum but no one knows who is. I believe he has a onlyfans or jus4fans account. Hope someone here knows him...
  3. dongalong

    Body Fat Percentage

    Just to be clear: 20-24% = 20-24.9%, 15-19% = 15-19.9% etc. I didn't find a thread specifically about body fat percentage in search, so this thread is the place to discuss the subject. I'm currently 16%, I look slim but don't have much muscle definition, and my face isn't as lean and structured...