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muscle worship

  1. R

    $$$$$ for muscle worship?

    I have a question to all men (especially muscular men), how would you feel if a man approached you outside the gym discreetly and offered you $$$$$ to muscle worship you (no sex). Would you accept?
  2. H

    Bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec

    Czech stud Jiri Borkovec has the best rock hard abs on a bodybuilder! He looks like he is carved from stone and has a handsome face as well.
  3. UnCutBlackBull925

    King Jay - bodybuilder for muscle worshipers

    King Jay - loves muscle worshipers to worship him
  4. UnCutBlackBull925

    Charles Curtis - Bodybuilder

    I don’t know if he has an onlyfans but he did do web cam work he’s been dropping a lot of nudes on his Instagram lately https://musclegallery.com/models/charles-curtis.html
  5. danny4muscle

    Huge straight bodybuilders, are you comfortable with muscle worship?

    To all huge straight bodybuilders, I am a gay man and I have always admired the size and masculinity of huge straight male bodybuilders. I am wondering if the idea of non-sexual muscle worship is something that you would consider appealing or not. Also interested to know if any of you has had...
  6. H

    Bodybuilder Julian Navarro

    Hot bodybuilder Julian Navarro flexing his huge thick muscles. Sexy posing
  7. K

    Fan Page: super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez)

    A fan page thread dedicated to super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez) Why? Because he deserves a page / thread dedicated to him. Enjoy, post pictures or videos you may have, comment, like, share!!! !!!
  8. G

    Links Onlyfans Recommendations for Muscle Worship ?

    Some of my favorites are shredxx, nikovangelis, johnbronco87 I also looove gangbangs. Any recs would be appreciated !
  9. B

    Johnny Cruise

    Check out this hot muscle worship video that shows off Johnny Cruise’s commanding presence.
  10. CharmedWonder

    Video Chaturbate Flexshows

    While cumshows are really good, there are some of us that would like to see more camshows where the focus is more on guys flexing either naked or clothed on Chaturbate, F4F, etc. Feel free to share any you have. Here are some that I've acquired over the years. Unfortunately, I don't know any of...
  11. musclelover717

    Muscular Men Getting Compliments

    Muscular men: what’s the best compliment you’ve gotten from someone regarding your physique? Or the best interaction you’ve had regarding your muscular body? Also I just realized I posted this under the wrong place….
  12. D

    New muscle obsssed guy

    Hi all. I’m a 35-yr tall slim guy really into muscle guys and bodybuilders. Would love to Zoom wank with people into the same things and talk about our fantasies about huge men. Hit me up if you play, online or maybe in person too. Max
  13. musclelover717

    Muscular Show Offs

    For all you muscular hunks out in the world. Do you like it when people stare at your bodies and have you ever engaged in muscle worship or found it hot when someone asks to see your biceps?
  14. philip35

    Hello From Uk

    hello - 35 slim guy here into muscle worship and big muscle / bulky guys, dad bods etc. :D
  15. N

    Can Anyone Id This Hunk Being Worshipped?

    CAN'T KEEP MY HANDS OFF HIM - ThisVid.com You can see his face at 1:08 and there's a username in the bottom right hand corner. Unfortunately that username brings up another person who doesn't have matching tattoos.
  16. M

    Jb Frith (@silverback0_0)

    Anything on this handsome adonis? I’m surprised there hasn’t been a thread on him sooner, he’s so beautiful.
  17. L

    Photo Hot Amateur Muscle Men

    Hey guys... I’ve started an IG page of hot amateur guys I’ve photographed (example below). Please add and like my page and let’s share more here. Maybe I’ll even post some of the more NSFW images here. Thanks! IG is @ astheticmalephoto
  18. E

    Belgium Edging / Cum Control

    Any guys interested in being edged and milked in Belgium/Antwerpen? Love giving long sessions, keeping a guy on the brink and controlling their orgasm for a long time. PM for more details if interested!
  19. E

    Heyy From Belgium

    Heyy guys, Brazilian bttm here Looking for hung men in Belgium
  20. H

    Czech Muscle

    Anyone got videos from czechyoungmuscle.com? The guys on there were extremely hot. Would love to find more of their older clips. CzechYoungMuscle - Preview videoclip 1
  21. D

    Other Than Roidpig?

    I used to love watching roidpig but he does not perform on onlyfans / justforfan. Does anyone know any performer similar to him? Any recommendation would be highly appreciated! ROIDPIG @ JustFor.Fans
  22. O

    Looking To Worship Muscle In Brisbane Aus

    Any Brisbane bodybuilders like posing and showing off? Daddy type here. Like all ages and races, just be big and hard-bodies. Let me give you the appreciation you deserve for all your hard work. Can be anon or meet and talk first. Respectful, cultured and masculine man here. Understanding of...
  23. thesignaturemale

    New! - Usa - Pa - Sub Twunk For ?

    Hey Everyone! I’m a young professional looking to meet new people nearby or around the world that may share the same interests. Or to just connect with other like-minded men about anything we want! I’m in the tri-state area on the east coast. Very clean, DDF, twunk in real life but sub in...
  24. ribeye1

    Evander Vs Teenhercule

    This is a classic, but it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet -- anyone have the full length?
  25. H

    Photos & Videos Czechyoungmuscle

    Who remembers the studs from czechyoungmuscle.com? My favourite was Jiri B. He had an amazing sculpted body and gorgeous face.
  26. Dublinlad7

    Muscle Worship/admiration

    Any fit muscle guys love being adored/admired on cam by average bigger guys? Looking to cam with fit guys who love showing off C2C. 38 Irish UNCUT Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  27. UnCutBlackBull925

    Brawn - Big Dick Bodybuilder

    This Brawn - muscle bound bodybuilder with a big dick. You get your money worth from his onlyfans. Great solos and long sex scenes. Not bunch 2 to 4 second clips ( I wish Onlyfans ban those soon) so I am giving 5 eggplants out 5 eggplants Twitter: https://twitter.com/yesbrawn?s=21...
  28. UnCutBlackBull925

    Andres Vergel Aka Superboy Av

    Bodybuilders name is Andres Vergel not only porn actor but also deejay aka Superboy AV and also his boy friend Tiago Marza who is also a teacher so if you like muscle, solos after hard musky workout, testosterone filled sex and circle jerks then I recommend Superboy AV onlyfans OnlyFans...
  29. L

    Naasuke (japanese Muscle Youtuber)

  30. UnCutBlackBull925

    Big Dee - Professional Bodybuilder With A Big Dick