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muscle worship

  1. anitahardcok

    Help me ID this man!!

    came across this tiktok on my fyp but it’s still a few hours old and nobody in the comments has given a name of the model or the video pls pls if you recognise this video or even maybe the studio that might have shot it that would be a huge help!! thank you
  2. Chank

    Looking for someone who's willing to show off their muscles.

    Anyone interested on flexing their muscles on me. I will cum for your muscles
  3. Q

    Big Fucking Geno content

    Login • Instagram This guy is such a stud but i cant find any links to any of his content shared online, anyone got any links?
  4. Q

    Looking for content of David Cruciani

    Login • Instagram Saw this guy has an OF, he is huge if anyone has anything of him please share :)
  5. johnlong1991

    TheCircusDaddy John Fahrenwald

    This hot daddy doesn't have enough people talking about him! So sexy and mature, not to mention his skill on the pole, anyone got anything? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  6. T


    Check out this hot dude. His body is near perfect! He has an onlyfans. onlyfans.com/krisadonisKris Adonis Onlyfans
  7. W

    Jan Hulk Vaculík - drpowerlifter - Viribus Fitness

    He is hot. Regarding his OF, is it worth it? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  8. johnlong1991

    Muscle God Brendan

    Anyone got anything on this giant? he's been around a while and has got some videos around in less than steller quality, but I just found out he's still active and got an onlyfans. his pecs look so delicious OnlyFans https://twitter.com/MusclGodBrendan?t=te2VdETYu28UVC0K7KhKZw&s=09
  9. T

    Looking for muscle worship in Londom

    Dublin based, visiting London in March. Looking for a dominant muscle guy to worship. Someone who will flex and tease me, slowly take control until I am in his control. Not into pain, but some mild domination is good. Any suggestions?
  10. E


    The other day I found these pictures of this man with massive boobs. He has a profile on chaturbate as musclebigmanpower and his onlyfans is @AlphaDominant3 but I couldn't find much material from him. Anyone has photos or videos to share?
  11. T

    Insanephisique on OF

    I recently ran into this guy on Chaturbate and fell in love with his muscles.. He's bulked but his body is very veiny which I am very much into....! Does anyone subscribe to this guy? Also, if anyone knows his skype id it would be much appreciated if you can share! Thanks! Onlyfans Chaturbate
  12. ironaddictfan

    Anthony Green from TheBestFlex

    Does anyone have TheBestFlex videos of Anthony Green that they could share/trade? I’ll take any videos but one that I’m looking for in specific is this muscle worship one, I only have the trailer and these are screenshots from the trailer. Feel free to DM if you have any videos of his that you...
  13. S

    How to ask a muscular guy to let me worship him

    So, I have this admiration/fetish for very muscular bodies and have hooked up with more than a few very buff guys. I always fantasize about getting them to show off their gains while I touch them all over and basically worship their bodies, but I have never got to try it because I never know how...
  14. A

    Not flexing

    Not flexing
  15. ribeye1

    Nate / ndt.train_test_split / singletstudphd

    A big, hairy, hetero stud who likes to work out in singlets and lately hang out with bulky muscle-obsessed gay men, and worship each other nude. An incredible tease with a huge, responsive, sensitive cock, with paid content upcoming at: Singlet Studs is bringing together three Muscle Singlet...
  16. W

    Alpha Muscle God - TheBestFlex

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his BestFlex and OF, is it worth it? https://www.thebestflex.com/videos/Alpha-Muscle-God OnlyFans Onlyfans Model (@musclegod_official) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram https://twitter.com/Musclegod10
  17. D

    Sydney Australia. Looking for a bodybuilder/PT to Grow me, teach me.

    31,white, bi, discreet, euro background Aussies. Don't smoke, drink or do drugs, decent, mannered, normal. Looking for a bodybuilder/PT to teach me how to do cycles, PCT maybe workout/diet advices, anything else. Want to learn, grow, happy to help out in return however i can, open to...
  18. A

    Straight Muscle Jock Worshipped into Hands-free cumshot

    There was the BEST muscle worship video on ThisVid awhile back but I can’t seem to find it anymore: Extremely handsome, blonde muscle jock was being worshipped by a guy while completely nude. The closer the worshipper got to his cock, the jock kept saying things like, “Hey man, that’s a little...
  19. JinTianHu


    I find him very hot and sexy and I've been meaning to subscribe to his OnlyFans. Has anybody subscribed to his page yet? Would you guys recommend his page?
  20. RickyChayanne

    Video Name? Muscle Worship Guy?

    anyone knows the name of he muscle beefcake who is getting worshipped?
  21. W

    Aesthetic Koty - Young Muscle Stud

  22. I

    Photo Anyone knows who are these or their onlyfans?

    Anyone know?
  23. SirCeleste

    Help ID this str8 White muscle hunk please

    I've seen this video before but the name isn't just clicking atm. Help find source, thanks!
  24. R

    $$$$$ for muscle worship?

    I have a question to all men (especially muscular men), how would you feel if a man approached you outside the gym discreetly and offered you $$$$$ to muscle worship you (no sex). Would you accept?
  25. H

    Bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec

    Czech stud Jiri Borkovec has the best rock hard abs on a bodybuilder! He looks like he is carved from stone and has a handsome face as well.
  26. UnCutBlackBull925

    King Jay - bodybuilder for muscle worshipers

    King Jay - loves muscle worshipers to worship him
  27. UnCutBlackBull925

    Charles Curtis - Bodybuilder

    I don’t know if he has an onlyfans but he did do web cam work he’s been dropping a lot of nudes on his Instagram lately https://musclegallery.com/models/charles-curtis.html
  28. D

    Huge straight bodybuilders, are you comfortable with muscle worship?

    To all huge straight bodybuilders, I am a gay man and I have always admired the size and masculinity of huge straight male bodybuilders. I am wondering if the idea of non-sexual muscle worship is something that you would consider appealing or not. Also interested to know if any of you has had...
  29. H

    Bodybuilder Julian Navarro

    Hot bodybuilder Julian Navarro flexing his huge thick muscles. Sexy posing
  30. K

    Fan Page: super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez)

    A fan page thread dedicated to super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez) Why? Because he deserves a page / thread dedicated to him. Enjoy, post pictures or videos you may have, comment, like, share!!! !!!