1. V


    Can someone help ID him? Video
  2. V

    Could anybody ID this hottie please?

  3. Lancethedriverfeet

    Vann Santos // Vanyelton

    Someone have some from this Brazilian boy? Alguien tiene algo de este chico brasileño?
  4. ILoveMusclesSoMuch

    Muscle Men Doing The "Most Muscular" Pose

    I'm a gay man and I love muscles. like a lot. Something that makes me go batshit horny is the "Most Muscular". There weren't any threads of this, so I made one. Feel free to add yours too!
  5. V

    José Zapata Ortiz

    This hottie needs his own thread! Apparently he has an OnlyFans & Twitter Instagram TikTok
  6. I


    This guy is absolutely gorgeous ! He's got amazing legs and ass
  7. B

    Photo WilliamHiggins model Daniel Jerabek

    Does anyone know anything about a guy named Daniel Jerabek? He was a model for WilliamHiggins and I would like to know if he is still doing porn or what his socials are.
  8. I


    Ok so basically, I'm looking for a buffed guy with a fit body, preferably visible pecs, big arms and nice abs, who could send me pics of their body, and in exchange, I can send my drawings of buffed sexy man that I have
  9. X

    Whoe are them?

    Id like to know names or scene, thank you
  10. Timo94

    Hama Champion- Muhamad Champoin

    I think we can appreciate this middle eastern stud!! I found his profile on Instagram and I was so much into his big guns!! Unfortunately in such conservative environments they rarely tend to pose nude or to start an onlyfans... But even a shirtless pic of him would make me drool!! I don't...
  11. M

    TJ Watt

    Fuck, all of a sudden I have a major fascination with this man! He’s a great football player and he gorgeous! Those thighs, that big dick energy he gives off. Anyone else appreciate him?
  12. [No title]

    [No title]

  13. Otheria

    Asian Hunk? Anybody?

    Anybody interested in asian cock?
  14. S

    Harry Raftus Harry.raftus Nudes

    Does anyone have nudes of this guy? He is 18 and his Instagram is @harry.raftus He adds a lot od people on his Snapchat so i hope that someone has his nudes.
  15. D

    Photo Noah tambunga ig?

    I know he isn’t a model or celebrity... but damn he looks good