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  1. G

    Does anyone knows him??

    I does look a lot like Sam shock but he is not. I swear I saw years ago a video of a guy just perfect muscular body and blonde but he didn't speak or even moan in the video and I think that guy is him but even the video I can't find. If anyone has any name or anything that can track him it's...
  2. L

    Amro Maktabi @amromaktabi on IG

    Crazy sexy Arab man. Amazing arms (that I want to be choked by), abs, pecs, you name it. Anyone else have a thing for him?
  3. SecretDark

    Simba (Hot tiktok alpha man)

    He has an OF OnlyFans And a twitter : https://twitter.com/simba_2108
  4. T


    Anyone has something on this hot guy? his name is Dan Mezheritsky. Is he gay? Amazing body.
  5. M

    Who is this man?

    He's on a vid called Hot Stud Doing Chores by MenFitWorld does anyone have an idea of who this man is?
  6. L


    Any pictures or videos of hot MUSCULAR guys either masturbating, fucking, eating ass, or dildoing (? Is that a word) in nylon, pantyhose, stockings, bodysuits? It can even be latex or spandex. There's just not too much porn of it that I haven't already seen. I've already seen Gentlemen's Closet...
  7. E

    "romeo" From Beefcake Hunter

    Does anyone know anything about "Romeo" from Beefcake Hunter? Does he have an Instagram, etc? "Edward" from the site is good-looking too, but "Romeo" really is stunning :-)
  8. T

    Big young bulls here?

    looking for a fit, young and well hung bull for cuckold couple! Let’s start it off by conversation about what you want and like and what we are looking for!