mushroom head

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    Seal Beach - Long Beach - Orange County

    Verbal Daddy with a big mushroom head , looking for eager cocksuckers that can host weekdays between 12 and 3 ish and some Saturdays . I love feeding cocksuckers and watching straight porn while I talk dirty . Also looking for hung daddies that want to bate . I love cockrings, penis pumps ...
  2. My mushroom cock

    My mushroom cock

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  4. inflated head

    inflated head

  5. precum


  6. #4 Tim Kruger

    #4 Tim Kruger

    The gay and bisexual men in our circle just ADORE this penis. It is so BIG. It is so SEXY. That upward curve is absolutely fabulous, and you cannot take your eyes off if it! When either he or another man holds his dick, you can see the look of lust that appears on the eyes of those watching...
  7. #8 BIGdickRodney

    #8 BIGdickRodney

    Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most GORGEOUS male sex organs I have ever seen in my life. Starting from the base of the shaft (and by extension, the ballsac), as we journey up the midshaft, we can't help but stare in unrelenting lust at the magnificence of this INCREDIBLE white...
  8. la_big_cock_swallower

    La Private Gh For Hung (sfv)

    Private gloryhole setup in Reseda/Encino area. Tested clean 7/30/21. Skilled oral enthusiast. Would love to find a couple of regulars from LPSG. Love hung dudes proud of their endowment who get off by the admiration of others. I'll show my appreciation by servicing your hot cock to...
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    Daddy In Orange County Looking For A Obedient Cocksucker

    Im a kinky verbal perverted daddy in Orange County , and I'm looking for a cocksucker that can host or knows a cool place to meet up . I love watching porn , wearing cockrings , ball stretcher , glans ring , and feeding guys , girls , and sissys
  10. Natennnnate

    Wide Dickheads And Deep Cockslits

    Is there a connection between wider heads and a deeper cockslit (coronal sulcus)? Any ideas? I've been told I have a very large coronal sulcus. But I also have a large glans head. Feel free to add your large glans and your coronal sulcus pics here.
  11. AlextheRedhead

    Big Knobs - Mushroom Head Fetish?

    I've got a mushroom head cock and I'm fascinated with big knob cocks. The way the ridge of the cock head slides across your lips when sucking is heaven. Anyone else have a fetish for this? Here's mine, post yours and some favorite cocks.
  12. D

    Head Size And Toys

    Does anyone else have any trouble with fitting their head inside of toys? Like vibrators or anything like that. I can barely get mine in sometimes, and it takes away from the pleasure.
  13. Big salty mushroom head piss slit

    Big salty mushroom head piss slit

    Always looking for eager mouths to feed in OC Cali
  14. Shooting my glans

    Shooting my glans

    Anyone in OC want to come and throat my big salty perv knob , send me a message
  15. D

    Precum Is Amazing

    I was always a precum leaker, but ever since I started using celery seed it’s been amazing. Seeing the precum leave my mushroom head is wild. Lemme know if there’s any supplements you’d like to see me try.
  16. D

    So Heavy

    After every swim session I’m greeted with this state
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    Photos & Videos Huge Mushroom Head Gifs , Pics , And Vids

    This is for lovers of huge mushroom heads , glans , and knobs
  18. Hungry cocksucker can't wait to get his mouth on that fat knob

    Hungry cocksucker can't wait to get his mouth on that fat knob

    Soo gay
  19. Slapping huge head on teen sluts tongue

    Slapping huge head on teen sluts tongue

    Soo hot to have a teen cocksucker that loves Daddy Dick
  20. Slap that head on your tongue slut

    Slap that head on your tongue slut

    Feeding my huge head to Yaz for a ride to the mall
  21. You're girlfriend loves big cock

    You're girlfriend loves big cock

  22. Slapping my huge head on her tender young mouth

    Slapping my huge head on her tender young mouth

    Love this teen whore
  23. Love outdoor head

    Love outdoor head

    Especially love having my big mushroom head licked
  24. @Hubby is Small

    @Hubby is Small

    Just the head is all I really need from you . Just a friendly cockhead suckle
  25. Mushroom head in the car

    Mushroom head in the car

    Anyone in OC like to lick and suck daddy dick ?
  26. Wife's nephew kept staring at my cock

    Wife's nephew kept staring at my cock

    So i pulled it out and this is what happened
  27. I need a obedient cocksucker

    I need a obedient cocksucker

    Anyone in Orange County California that loves a big mushroom head that shoots huge loads send me a message #mushroomhead #DaddyDick
  28. N

    Just Want To Say Hey

    Hello, everyone! Been a member for ages. Never posted any pics or really did much, but I plan to change all that. Here's a link to my first ever LPSG Photo Album. Hope you like them. Looking forward to getting to know all of you...
  29. D

    Any Mushroom Heads?

    I am a straight NY dude that always liked seeing mushroom heads in porn. Have it? Show it off here!
  30. Always looking for cocksuckers

    Always looking for cocksuckers

    Do you love strangers cocks ? Do you like to lick , suck , and swallow huge sweaty daddy dicks in restrooms , bookstores , dark alleys , and anywhere that you can get a taste of a big salty cock ?