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  1. Fotos53

    All Pumped Up!

    I'm all pumped up while wearing a cockring walking around in my backyard for a the neighbors to see.
  2. S

    Just me

    Im new so
  3. Lumix552


    Hello My name is Léo I am 28 years old soon 29 years old I'm from France, i love movies, music and TV shows. I'm gay but i have someone in my life :heart: I would like to meet other peoples like me and learn to know people too. If you are agree with this, so like my thread ;) I have skills in...
  4. G

    Hello From Uk-south East

    Hello was on LPSG a few years ago now im back again i would probably say im Bisexual -I was a bit sexually confused as i grew up i would like some cock fun with a man but i like women too just never met the right people im quite slim i posted a few pics my name is Gerry
  5. G

    Show Off Want A Man To Suck My Cock

    would you suck this?
  6. J

    Looking To Bottom...

    As the title says I'm looking to bottom for the first time in Tucson. I'm into most things so I'm pretty open.
  7. J


    I'm from Arizona and I'm new here, I want to say hello to everyone! Let the fun start...
  8. J

    Mutual play

    Looking for some naked mutual play in Tucson!