1. sdcbttmchub

    The Group Experience, Part I

    It was a Friday evening afterwork, when hornier than usual, I reached for my phone as I sat in my car ready to head home and began simultaneously scrolling Grindr and Sniffies for a potential hook up. I was cock and cum hungry and needed my fix. Bad. More than usual tonight. And that's when I...
  2. P

    Who is this mystery hunk? A model?

    I don't know for SURE that he's gay but it's possible, right? His looks are certain to appeal to some of my fellow gay men on here.. I already tried Google's image search and the Reversee app. Nothing. Sigh.
  3. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  4. M

    anyone know who this is?

  5. H

    If can you name these hotties I will Bruise your Bussy and Pump you Dry

  6. RHHorst

    Hanging the Chimney Hook - Chapter 1

    [I made this available elsewhere, but just in case you've missed it, I will post it here. FYI, I own the copyright. Enjoy!] I like to train and keep myself fit for my job, but for those past eight weeks, my only exercise had been kicking myself. I hadn’t much else to fill my time from a...
  7. G

    Links Help Finding This Scene

    Any help find this video in full. The clip has been shared a lot on Twitter, but no idea who are the models or what it’s from
  8. T

    A Mysterious Series Called "pokemon Camp" ??

    Hi, i'm Theuz Strolling through the Wikipedia of actor Alex D. Linz, I discovered a series called "Pokemon Camp" from the year 1999. I was curious and researched about it, but I found absolutely nothing about this series. The only thing I found was a discussion on Reddit that showed me other...
  9. A

    Trying To Find Information About A Porn Actor Who May Have Passed Away

    So recently on a video I was watching, I noticed that there was a comment from last year saying the actor in the film, Shane Law, had unfortunately passed away. He also did work under the name Shawn/Sean for BrokeStraightBoys, Sean for, Elder Robinson for, Shaun...
  10. JenJenny

    Who Is This?

    The guy in this video is so hot but the video is so short and I’ve had no luck finding the rest of it. If anyone knows anything, I’d love to hear it.
  11. J

    Photo I need to know who this is! someone please help me.

    I have been trying to figure out who is this bottom in the pic! Someone please help!
  12. elusivehoney06

    Photo Who is he???

    Anyone please tell me who yhis boy is? Where is this video from?